It’s Lil’ Sisters Birthday

Big news people! Lil’ Sister is the big 21!
See that little tiny thing next to me? 
That little thing grew up to be the best sister I could ask for. 
Happy Birthday!
Hope you are having lots of fun, and we have to celebrate when you get back. 

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6: a photo from a low angle

on days like these
sand between my toes
sun on my shoulders
book in hand
that’s where i want to be
instead i get
florescent lights
computer screens
get here faster my dear friend
the weekend

6: a photo from a low angle
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5: a photo of whatever you please

outside of our apartment i found this bush that was just covered in spiderwebs. i mustered up all of my courage to get real close to those nasty webs to share their glory. pretty impressive, even if they were made by icky spiders.
and just for fun, a cartoon rendering of the shrub.


5: a photo of whatever you please

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August Sponsor Love

This months sponsor is For Your Basket, a handmade market event featuring 30 local vendors and artists.  The market features unique clothing, accessories, art, decor and gifts. The event will be held August 27th in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

And the best part, the first 100 customers to the event will receive a free cupcake from The Cocoa Bean Cafe! Could one of you pick on up for me? Just ship it to me, I will enjoy it, even if it is stale.

For Your Basket has a whole team of creative people making some amazing things. Check out their team on etsy.

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Not here, over there


Hey guys! 

I’m over here today. Check out my post on some of my favorite summer styles on Moose Tracks & Tater Stacks. 

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4: a photo from a high angle

Right before drop on Flight of the Hippogriff
Last weekend we took a little day trip down to Universal to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Only one of the best theme parks ever. We got our frozen butterbeer fix, rode all three rides, and had lunch at the Three Broomsticks. I consider it to have been a very successful trip, not one inch of sunburned skin, or a drop of rain, and none of the ride broke this time.
Maybe one day we will explore the rest of Universal Studios, but for now I am content to explore the village of Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley.
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3: a photo of your favorite place to be

my favorite place to be is anywhere with this guy.
being with him makes every activity 10 times more exciting and fun. doesn’t really matter what we are doing, if it’s with him. 
I want in. 
runner up for favorite place: the wizarding world of harry potter (more on this tomorrow)

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2: a photo of what you wore today (yesterday)

This is one of my favorite office skirts. Yes, skirts can be categorized by environment in which I wear them. Betcha didn’t know that. Because while this is my favorite office skirt, I have skirts that I love even more, that I would never dream of wearing to the office. Which makes me sad sometimes. The office is always dampening my outfit choices. 
But one day I will work from home and never have to conform to office attire. 
Until then, pretty flowy green paisley skirts will make me happy.
What’s your favorite office clothing item?
2: a photo of what you wore today
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1: a photo of yourself

There are days when an hour is just way too long for lunch. 
We have been very good lately. Packing a healthy homemade lunch with lots of fruits and veggies. Which is amazing! But makes my hour lunch break much longer then I could need to eat lunch.
What does one do when they have 30 extra minutes to kill?
Play with Snapbucket! That’s what.
For those of you that have not been enlightened yet, Snapbucket is the closest thing to Istagram that I have found for android. 
Love it. 
Loaded with a bunch of settings to mess with your phone pictures. Best part – Auto upload to my photobucket account (also can upload to facebook and twitter). Nothing beats that. 
If you have an android phone and have Istagram envy, check it out.
1: a photo of yourself
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30 Day Photography Challenge

Lately, I have found myself in a creative rut. I don’t know how I came down with such a terrible thing. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I have gotten sick twice in the paste few weeks, how crazy hot it has been, or that my house is a complete disaster (still) from the move. Every time I think about doing something creative, I tell myself cleaning, organizing, consolidating, and getting rid of stuff we no longer need is way more important. While it is more important, I need to have some type of creative outlet.

My solution to get the creative juices flowing again. 30 Day Photography Challenge. Tomorrow will start day 1.

Wish me luck

If anyone of you are interested in accompany me on my little creative adventure. Let me know. If there are enough people that want to join in, I will set up a page that we can share all our lovely photos with each other. What do you think?

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